February 19, 2018

‘Militant’ circulates in Nepal

We have been receiving the Militant for many years. Thanks for the publication. We have been translating the news and views of the paper in Nepali and publishing them in workers weekly and daily for our readers. We hope you will keep sending us the publication. With revolutionary greetings and red salute.
Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party

Paper speaks ‘truth to power’

I want to thank the folks at the Militant for exposing the imperialist attacks against the people of Haiti and for the exposé about the New York subway system. Knowing that there is a publication that speaks truth to power fortifies my brain in the fight against economic cruelty.

Concerning the disparaging remarks imperialists like Trump make against poor nations, I ran across a passage in a book by author Wendell Berry, “If you wish to steal farm products or coal or timber from a rural region, you will find it less troubling to do so if you can believe the people are too stupid and violent to deserve the things you wish to steal from them. And so purveyors of rural stereotypes have served a predatory economy.”
Larry Ginter 
Rhodes, Iowa

‘Fountain of knowledge’

Your newspaper has invaluable information, and is a unique fountain of knowledge on the Cuban Revolution and about imperialism. Thank you for keeping us updated while in prison.
A prisoner