See Cuba’s revolution on May Day Brigade!

March 19, 2018

Despite the lies and slanders against Cuba and its socialist revolution that fill the boss press in the U.S., more and more workers, farmers and youth are becoming interested in learning what’s different there. We know from our own lives that the capitalist system here doesn’t work for working people.

How do you explain the selfless sacrifice, valor and heroism of those Cuban fighters who gave their lives to overthrow the U.S.-backed dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista and bring a workers and farmers government to power? The way Fidel Castro and the Rebel Army insisted that moral values above all were the road forward?

The literacy campaign that inspired some 100,000 young people under age 18 to volunteer for a year in 1961 to work side by side with peasants in the fields in all corners of the island during the day, and teach them to read and write at night?

The 425,000 Cuban volunteers who served in Angola from 1975 to 1991 to protect that country from invasions by the army of the apartheid regime of South Africa backed by Washington? Cuba took nothing back in return except the remains of their comrades who fell in combat.
See Cuba’s revolution on May Day Brigade!

The thousands of Cuban internationalist volunteer health workers, including those who went to West Africa to combat the deadly Ebola epidemic? And the electrical workers who volunteered to go to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to aid recovery, only to be callously rejected by Washington?

If you’re fed up with the assaults of the bosses and their government, their endless wars against peoples worldwide, their disregard for working people, growing homelessness, police brutality and attacks on the rights of women; if you’re inspired by the example of the fight of the school workers in West Virginia — you have a unique opportunity this May.

We encourage you to join members of the Socialist Workers Party and others and sign up for the May Day International Brigade to Cuba April 22 to May 6.

Hundreds of brigadistas from around the world, including a sizable U.S. contingent, will meet Cubans from all walks of life, visit workers on the factory floor, work side by side with Cubans in the fields, and exchange views with leaders and members of the unions, the women’s federation and other mass organizations. You’ll join in the May Day march in Havana, as the Cuban people demonstrate their commitment to do whatever it takes to defend their revolution from Washington’s economic and political attacks.

You’ll also learn about the problems and challenges the Cuban Revolution faces firsthand. You’ll come back to the U.S. able to explain to others why they should oppose the U.S. embargo and economic war against the Cuban people and why the U.S. military should get out of Guantánamo.

Information on the brigade’s complete itinerary, the inexpensive cost of $675 for everything except airfare and how to get an application is available at or from the SWP branch nearest you, listed on page 8.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to come back and use the example of the Cuban Revolution to help build a movement right here in the United States that can fight for our interests today and lead the working class to take political power.