Campaign with ‘Militant,’ SWP books!

April 30, 2018

The Militant urges its readers to join the Socialist Workers Party campaign to sell subscriptions to the party’s paper, books by SWP leaders and other revolutionaries, and win contributors to the Militant Fighting Fund. The increase in labor battles by teachers and others today means there are more openings to expand the reach of the Militant and books and to build the party.

As teachers battle government attacks, protests continue against cop killings, for amnesty for undocumented workers, for women’s rights and against Washington’s wars abroad. Workers going through these experiences and others picked up by their example are discussing how we can strengthen our class unity here and around the world.

Moral revulsion at the horrors inflicted on the toiling majority in the Mideast spurs many workers here to seek a deeper understanding of the class roots of the rulers’ never-ending wars. As Washington heads to talks with the North Korean government, working people are open to discuss why the U.S. rulers should get their troops and weapons out of Korea. Many are interested in understanding the stakes in opposing the FBI, special prosecutors and their frame-up methods hailed by the liberals and middle-class left in their efforts to bring down Donald Trump’s presidency.

The SWP — a party that speaks clearly and confidently for the class interests of working people, and offers an independent working-class course to combat the effects of capitalism’s social and political crisis — gets a wider hearing today. The SWP is announcing candidates around the country for U.S. Senate and governor as part of this campaign.

In discussion and debate with fellow workers on their doorsteps in cities and small towns, on picket lines and at protests, party members are winning new readers to the Militant and revolutionary books that present the necessity of replacing capitalist rule with workers power and offer a convincing perspective for how that can be done.

The class arrogance of the capitalist rulers blinded them to the revolutionary capacities of working people in Cuba who demonstrated in practice in 1959 that workers and farmers could make a socialist revolution. Since then they have proved capable of holding off U.S. imperialism’s ceaseless efforts to overthrow their conquests. They’ve joined battles against exploitation and oppression worldwide. They’re an example for us to emulate.

Join the SWP campaign — to expand the Militant readership, get out books that explain what the action of millions of workers can accomplish, get a hearing for SWP candidates, and help fund the paper. You’ll get a better feel for the openness of working people today to discuss, learn and fight for change. It can open a new life for you — one of the most fulfilling possible!