Active Workers Conference set for Ohio June 14-17

By Seth Galinsky
May 28, 2018

Several hundred workers, youth and other participants from the United States and around the world will join this year’s Active Workers Conference June 14-17, which is sponsored by the Socialist Workers Party.

The four-day meeting in Oberlin, Ohio, takes place in the midst of a rise in labor battles across the country, marked by the fight by teachers and other school workers in West Virginia, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kentucky and North Carolina.

There will be talks by leaders of the Socialist Workers Party, classes, socials and plenty of time for informal discussion with fellow revolutionary-minded conference goers, who have been working with co-workers and others to build solidarity and join workers’ protests, visiting workers on their doorsteps to discuss these fights and introduce the party, and who participated in the May Day brigade to revolutionary Cuba.

Jack Barnes, national secretary of the Socialist Workers Party, will give the main political report, which will take up the significance of the shift in labor battles that is opening the road to rebuilding the labor movement in the United States, along with other key questions for workers’ struggles today.

Mary-Alice Waters, another leader of the party, will give a talk on the fight against women’s oppression and the class-struggle road to women’s emancipation.

SWP National Committee member Dave Prince will give a talk on why the working class is the bearer of culture and morality in the world today.

There will be classes on the Grenada Revolution and its overthrow by the Stalinist clique led by Bernard Coard, on Thomas Sankara and the 1983-87 revolution in Burkina Faso, on the rise and fall of the Nicaraguan Revolution and the mass protests taking place there today, on the importance of the fight for independence and revolutionary change in Puerto Rico, and more.

On June 17, the organized supporters of the party will meet to discuss their work in designing and promoting Pathfinder literature, making placements at colleges, bookstores and libraries, and raising funds for the party.

If you are interested in being part of building a revolutionary working-class party in the United States or wherever you live in the world and would like to attend the conference, contact the SWP or Communist League branch nearest you, listed on page 8.