Books by SWP leaders perk interest at librarians’ meet

By Nick Castle
July 30, 2018
Books by SWP leaders perk interest at librarians’ meet
Militant/Nick Castle

NEW ORLEANS — An attractive Pathfinder Books booth was a center for political discussion at the American Library Association conference here June 21-26. Sales were brisk on books by leaders of the Socialist Workers Party and other leaders of revolutionary struggles from Cuba, Burkina Faso, Grenada and the U.S. class struggle. Over 170 librarians and others signed up for additional information and to be contacted by Pathfinder sales volunteers. Some 17,000 conference participants attended panels and presentations on new books, democratic rights, prison libraries, book clubs and library technology. Sixty-three Pathfinder books were sold, with the highest seller — 13 copies — being Are They Rich Because They’re Smart?  by SWP National Secretary Jack Barnes.