On the Picket Line

Striking Kentucky concrete workers fight bosses’ ‘final offer’

By Jacquie Henderson
and Steve Packard
December 17, 2018

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The strike by 45 concrete workers, members of Teamsters Local 89 here at Allied Ready Mix, remains strong after eight weeks of picketing. The drivers, mechanics, loader operators and batchmakers walked out Oct. 8, after rejecting the bosses’ “final offer” that would cut health care, vacations, overtime and pensions, with even steeper reductions for new hires. 

“Since the strike began two months ago, the company hasn’t made any moves to re-establish negotiations,” striker Joe Buckman told the Militant on the picket line Nov. 30. “We keep the picketing going daily, even though some of us have had to pick up some part-time and temporary work to make ends meet.” 

Buckman said the company told them they had no need to strike as they were all part of the “Allied family.” 

“When they told us they were going to start implementing the cuts in health care and everything, whether we agreed to their contract or not,” he said, “we saw just how much they valued us as ‘family.’” 

Send messages of support and contributions to: Teamsters Local 89, 3813 Taylor Blvd., Louisville, KY 40215. Attn: Allied Ready Mix Strike. Email: teamsters89@aol.com.