Bring ‘Militant’, books, fund drive home!

May 27, 2019

Join the final two weeks of our Spring drive to expand the readership of the Militant  and revolutionary books and help fund the paper!

The Militant  is a unique voice speaking in the interests of working people. Recent issues raised a call to action to mobilize opposition to Washington’s war threats against Venezuela and Cuba, built May Day demonstrations demanding driver’s licenses for immigrant workers to advance the unity of all working people, urged solidarity with the May 8 strike by Uber and other taxi drivers, and defended the right of workers behind bars to read papers and books of their choice. The paper points working people to actions they can be part of today to fight the attacks of the bosses and their government here and abroad.

It explains that workers can act together in our own common class interests and, through common struggle, transform ourselves. It champions the interests of all those exploited and oppressed by the dictatorship of capital. And it urges support for Socialist Workers Party candidates campaigning across the country.

Drawing on decades of experience in the course of revolutionary struggles, the hundreds of books being offered at discount explain the root of the problems confronting working people is the rule of the capitalist class. They describe what can be done to build the movement necessary to replace their rule with the power of working people.

These books and the Militant  need to be widely available. They arm working people to address political questions today and prepare for the revolutionary struggles that lie ahead. Join in our campaign to complete the drive in full and on time. Help win new contributors so the $115,000 Militant Fighting Fund can go over the top.

Thanks for your help.