25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

March 23, 2020

March 27, 1995

DES MOINES — Union members from throughout the region rallied here March 11 to support rubber workers on strike for the past eight months at the Bridgestone/Firestone agricultural tire plant in this city. Most of the more than 400 participants were strikers from United Rubber Workers Local 310. URW members are also striking Bridgestone/Firestone plants in Decatur, Illinois; Noblesville, Indiana; and Oklahoma City.

Negotiations are set for March 13 in Chicago. This is the first face-to-face negotiations with the company since the strike began last July.

Local 310 members hosted a reception after the rally. Strikers were eager to review where they stand in this tough fight. Evident in the discussions was the strikers’ resolve not to buckle against the company’s union-breaking attempt.

March 27, 1970

LOS ANGELES — Students and parents set up a Chicano-controlled school at Euclid Center March 13 after a week of demonstrations, vicious beatings by police and the arrest of over 250 students and adults. The demonstrations began at Roosevelt High School March 6. Students were protesting miserable conditions forcing 40-60 percent to drop out. On March 9, over 400 students demonstrated in protest of the March 6 arrests.

Nena Huffsteter, a member of MECHA, an organization of Chicano college students, reported that on March 11 she and other college students were marching with Roosevelt students very peacefully. “About 1 p.m. the police went toward the students. We tried to keep the kids calm, but they ran and the police chased them. The people along the street opened their doors to the kids to protect them from the police.”

March 24, 1945

The independent actions of the insurgent masses against the Hitler regime are beginning to multiply throughout Germany, according to reports which have managed to seep through the double wall of Nazi and Allied censorship.

The most militant action occurred in the Atlas Aircraft motor factory in the North Berlin suburb of Reinickendorf. Members of the workers’ delegation that complained to the plant manager about the food were arrested by the Gestapo just as a new shift was going to work. The workers of the new shift stoned the Gestapo agents and then refused to work.

Opposition to Hitler has grown so strong in Munich that the local gauleiter [Nazi leader] has warned Nazi officers to avoid workers sections of the city because the police are no longer able to guarantee their safety.