SWP ‘stimulus’ appeal fund at $85,400 and growing

By Emma Johnson
June 1, 2020

Michele Smith sent the following note with her contribution to the Socialist Workers Party’s special “stimulus” fund appeal: “At last, my economic impact payment arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m happy to send it.”

Contributors to the special appeal now count at 75. The total stands at $85,400 and growing!

The appeal is significantly augmenting the resources of the party.  President Donald Trump’s letter that accompanies the “stimulus” payments states there is a “we” — the workers and the bosses — that are all in this together. But the workers and the bosses don’t have the same interests.

“I can think of no other purpose as worthwhile for my check,” wrote Anthony Dutrow, a Walmart worker in Miami, “than to fund a party that stands up on the front lines fighting together in workers’ struggles against the bosses.”

The funds are allocated for capital, set aside for the SWP to deepen the building of a revolutionary proletarian party as the worldwide crisis of capitalism grows and the working class responds in the unfolding class struggle.

“Enclosed is my check for the SWP, in the traditions of the working-class movement,” Ove Aspoy explained. “I wanted to share ‘my good luck’ with the SWP that will do a lot with the money.”

If you’d like to join in donating your government payout, send a check to the Socialist Workers Party at 306 W. 37th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018, marked “Special Fund.” The Militant will continue weekly updates.