SWP ‘stimulus’ appeal climbs over $116,000

By Emma Johnson
June 22, 2020

In the last week the Socialist Workers Party “stimulus” appeal grew by $11,200 to a total of $116,200, from 11 more people, for a total of 105 contributors.

Many contributions come with notes. “Enclosed is my contribution from ‘stimulus’ payments to help build a new society  based on humanity and solidarity,” Jean Luc Duval wrote from Detroit.

“It’s a great pleasure to join with so many others in helping to transform these so-called economic stabilization payouts into much-needed funds for the long-term work of building the proletarian party!” said Patti Iiyama and Jerry Freiwirth from the San Francisco Bay Area in a note with their contributions.

The appeal is in the long-time tradition of the workers’ movement to build its resources on the only reliable foundation — political support and commitment. The result of the continuing response is a significant expansion of the SWP’s long-term capital, dedicated to building a proletarian party now and in the future. A party that will organize workers in their millions to end capitalist exploitation and rule, and join hands with toilers worldwide to build a new social order based on solidarity.

“When Washington announced their ‘Stimulus Program’ nearly three months ago, I knew I wanted to contribute. I received the check only last week. Here is my contribution,” wrote Ray Parsons from Delmar, New York.

If you’d like to donate from your government payout, send a check to the Socialist Workers Party at 306 W. 37th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018, marked “Special Fund.”