Walmart workers give ‘blood money’ bribes to build SWP

By Brian Williams
December 28, 2020

“With great satisfaction I put the $141 in ‘blood money’ from Walmart bosses toward building the Socialist Workers Party, the vanguard party of the working class,” wrote Maggie Trowe from Louisville, Kentucky. “The billionaire owners made record profits from exploiting our labor. Our paychecks are small and conditions unsafe.”

A total of $622.96 was received from seven Walmart workers in the Louisville area. And from Albany, New York, several others who work at Walmart sent in $276.

Communists use the term “blood money” to describe production, attendance, safety and other so-called bonuses that bosses offer, hoping to get workers to keep quiet about speedup, low pay and unsafe conditions. Making these contributions to the SWP turns attempted bribery by the bosses into helping to build a fighting working-class movement.

You too can make the best use of your end-of-year holiday bonuses from the boss by contributing them to the SWP. Send your contribution to 306 W. 37th St., 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018.