‘Stimulus’ fund to the ‘Militant’ more than doubles to $29,672!

By John Studer
January 25, 2021

As government “stimulus” checks in the mail begin to join online payouts that started earlier, contributors and donations to the Militant’s special fund appeal more than doubled over the last week! We have a running total of $29,672 from 65 supporters of the paper. 

“For the best paper anywhere,” Jim White wrote for himself and his companion Carla Hoag from the Bay Area, along with their $900 donation. “I’m very happy to write out this check,” Lisa Rottach wrote from the Twin Cities with her $600 contribution. 

Every week the Militant  presents unmatched firsthand coverage of today’s working-class struggles in the U.S. and worldwide. From protests against the capitalist rulers’ barbaric death penalty to the massive mobilizations of farmers in India, to the accomplishments and example of the Cuban Revolution. And of the lessons of 175 years of class struggle in the capitalist and imperialist epoch.

It highlights the fighting program and campaigning of the Socialist Workers 2021 candidates. They explain politics is class against class, the interests of the workers and all the exploited against the interests of the bosses and their government. To advance a road for workers to defend ourselves and toward workers taking political power in their own hands to end the dictatorship of capital and its brutal consequences, and build a world based on solidarity.

This special fund appeal will help the Militant  meet its expenses today and put the party in a stronger position to respond to developments in the class struggle here and worldwide.  Please give as generously as you can. Send your contribution to the Militant, 306 W. 37th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018, or online at themilitant.com.