SWP ‘stimulus’ donations heading toward $150,000!

By Brian Williams
May 3, 2021

Over the past week 16 contributors donated $16,800 to bring the growing total of contributions to the Socialist Workers Party from U.S. government $1,400 “stimulus” payments to $135,300 from 111 people.

Dennis Richter from Los Angeles sent his contribution last week with a note: “To help go over $120,000!” The appeal is now heading toward $150,000. Join the effort!

The many notes from contributors around the country capture the political confidence in the working class and commitment to building a revolutionary working-class party in the U.S.

“So gratified we can turn over these contributions to the party dedicated to ending capitalist exploitation,” write Sara Gates and Bob Bruneau, from Seattle.

Janet Post, from Philadelphia, writes: “Enclosed find my ‘American Rescue Plan’ stimulus contribution. Inspired by the work of the party telling the truth — and what working people say in response.”

These contributions are making a tremendous difference toward expanding the ability of the party to bring its program to many thousands of workers and exploited toilers, and to join with other fighters in labor and social struggles. To build on a course toward the working class taking political power in the U.S. and joining with toilers worldwide to end social relations based on exploitation — class vs. class — and build a socialist society based on human solidarity.

Send your contribution! To contribute, make out your check to the Socialist Workers Party and send it to SWP, 306 W. 37th St., 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018. The Militant will report weekly on the progress of the appeal.