Thank you to contributors to Militant Fighting Fund

July 19, 2021

July 7, 2021

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all our readers who generously contributed to the Militant Fighting Fund. This was run in conjunction with the 2021 spring circulation campaigns for the Militant newspaper and books by revolutionary leaders of the Socialist Workers Party and other working-class authors. Thanks to numerous donations like yours, the Militant Fighting Fund collected $157,895, well over the goal of $145,000.

The only source of revenue to put out this unique working-class weekly is from the political and financial support from working people like yourself.

The success of the fund appeal is testimony to the heightened interest in revolutionary working-class politics and the paper’s coverage, from labor struggles to world events, from the Cuban revolution to the campaigns of the Socialist Workers Party candidates, as well as of Communist Leagues around the world.

You can help win new readers by showing the Militant around to co-workers, friends and family. If you’d like to join in helping the Militant get around, please contact the distributors nearest you, listed in every issue of the paper and at


John Studer,