SWP hosts Active Workers Conference in Ohio July 22-24

By Roy Landersen
July 26, 2021

Under the banner of “Leading the Working Class to Take Power/ Join the Socialist Workers Party!/ Build the Communist Vanguard!” the SWP is hosting an International Active Workers Conference at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, July 22-24. Working-class fighters who’ve been invited will gather for three intensive days of discussions about the road forward.

At the center of the conference will be three talks by Socialist Workers Party leaders Jack Barnes, Dave Prince and Mary-Alice Waters on key questions of world politics, history, culture and the labor movement that working people face today.

A series of classes and displays will supplement the talks, covering lessons from the history of the labor and communist movement.

A special display will feature the coming new Pathfinder title Labor, Nature, and the Dawn of Humanity: The Long View of History by Frederick Engels, Karl Marx and George Novack.

The conference will conclude with a panel of SWP and Communist League candidates. The next day, teams will fan out to take the campaign to working people in towns and cities across the country.