Join drive to take ‘Militant,’ books, SWP fund out to working people

October 4, 2021

The Socialist Workers Party is launching a bold, international communist propaganda campaign to the working class to win 1,300 new subscribers to the paper, sell the same number of books by leaders of the party and other revolutionaries, and to raise $130,000 needed to finance the work of the SWP. The drive will last through Nov. 23. We’re asking our readers to join in!

The party will use the fall drive to go broadly to the toiling population in cities and countryside with its program, its candidates, the Militant, books and party-building fund drive. It will build solidarity with the growing number of union struggles and explain why the working class needs to fight to take political power into its own hands as we face the devastating consequences of the imperialist epoch.

The Militant has been featuring on-the-spot coverage of a number of class-struggle battles over the last months — like those at the Heaven Hill bourbon distillery in Kentucky reported on in this issue, at Nabisco, the Warrior Met coal mine in Alabama, ExxonMobil refinery in Texas, Olymel packinghouse in Quebec and more. We’ve been helping to break through the media blackout on these struggles and build solidarity. The paper is gaining readers and respect among unionists and others. It’s an invaluable tool to get out the truth.

The drive features a 20% discount on all books published by Pathfinder, which offers hundreds of titles by leaders of the Socialist Workers Party, other revolutionary leaders and working-class fighters like Che Guevara, Thomas Sankara, Maurice Bishop, V.I. Lenin and others. There is no better way to prepare for today’s strikes and struggles than to learn from the lessons of earlier class-struggle battles and how revolutionaries were able to chart a road forward. See the ad on page 7 that shows some of the books that are on special offer.

A key part of the fall propaganda drives is the Socialist Workers Party annual fund drive. The only place the SWP gets funds from is the working class. As we knock on workers’ doors, visit strike picket lines, join in activities to champion and win support for Cuba’s socialist revolution and other social struggles, we will meet workers who want to learn more about the party and to make sure it has the funds needed to expand its work, here and around the world. You can help!

The drive will also present a significant opportunity to campaign for the Socialist Workers Party-endorsed candidates who explain why the working class needs to — and is able to — rely on itself in struggle. It calls for workers to build and strengthen our unions and build our own political party, a labor party. Communist Leagues in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. will join in the propaganda drive.

The goals the party has set for these drives is higher than in previous efforts. This is built on the growing response we are getting today. The Militant will feature weekly coverage of the drive, including charts reporting on progress. Please send reports and photos to the Militant of efforts you’re making to advance the drives.

To join in the effort, to invite a party representative to come meet you and your friends, co-workers and associates, to make a contribution to the SWP, contact the party or Communist League branch nearest you.

John Studer
Militant editor