‘End Washington’s economic embargo of Cuba!’

By Terry Evans
January 17, 2022
‘End Washington’s economic embargo of Cuba!’
Militant/Rachele Fruit

A vigil at Miami International Airport, Dec. 23, above, protests the U.S. rulers’ six-decade-long embargo against Cuba. Similar actions were held the same day in Albany and New York, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Seattle.

Actions were also held in Havana and Holguín in Cuba, and in cities around the world, including Mexico City; Panama City; Rome; Barcelona, Spain; and Vancouver, British Columbia, and Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada.

Washington’s embargo is aimed at toppling the Cuban government and crushing the socialist revolution made by workers and farmers in 1959. President Joseph Biden has kept in place the growing sanctions imposed by previous administrations, Democratic and Republican alike. The tightening embargo has worsened the hardships facing people on the island, but failed to undercut their determination to defend their revolution.