February 7, 2022

NATO, US troops out now!

Norway shares a northern border with Russia and has a long coastline that is vital to Russia’s naval access to the Atlantic. Russia sends heavy bombers along the coast on a regular basis to assert its power. The capitalist rulers here ally themselves with U.S. imperialism and are slavish supporters of U.S. foreign policy. The government has recently given U.S. forces unlimited access to three to four airports, opened a naval base to U.S. atomic-powered submarines, and conducted exercises with U.S. long-range B-1 heavy bombers.

Working people must condemn Russian government threats and any aggression against the Ukraine or any country they seek to control. At the same time, we should demand NATO and Washington withdraw their troops, military hardware, and bases. Charting such a course will put working people internationally in the best position to strengthen our own class in face of the growing conflicts between big powers in the world and assaults at home. That is the kind of solidarity working people in the Ukraine need today.

Greg McCartan
Oslo, Norway