On the Picket Line

Case workers fight over wages, schedules, health care

By Dan Fein
September 5, 2022

STURTEVANT, Wis. — The 600 members of United Auto Workers Local 180 here, and 430 in UAW Local 807 in Burlington, Iowa, remain strong in their strike against Case New Holland. The strike began May 2.

Case New Holland is an international conglomerate with over 70,000 employees worldwide. In the U.S., Case makes tractors as well as component parts assembled elsewhere.

“We are fighting for a wage increase to keep up with inflation. We want to choose when we use our vacation time and an end to excessive overtime,” Gavin Decheck, a material handler with 15 years seniority, told this Militant worker-correspondent on the picket line. “The company’s offer for health insurance for a family includes a deductible of $13,500. You might as well pass on the insurance and roll the dice, hope no one in the family gets sick.”

Jeff Nitz, a tool and die maker with 25 years seniority, talked about the grinding schedule that wreaks havoc with family life. “I don’t want to be here working on weekends. Now we work two Saturdays per month and the company wants to increase it to three,” he said. “We are asking for no change in health insurance and to keep our cost of living adjustment.”

These workers need help getting the facts about their strike spread far and wide, and solidarity to strengthen their fight. Contributions and messages of support can be sent to UAW Local 180, 3323 Kearney Ave., Mount Pleasant, WI 53403, and to UAW Local 807, 9313 Koestner St., Burlington, IA 52601. Volunteers on the picket line are welcome!