California ‘tax rebate’ donations to ‘Militant’ hit $6,424

By Norton Sandler
January 9, 2023

“We thought we might not be getting the California Gas Tax Rebate, but after all this time it finally showed up in our mailbox. So, it gives us great pleasure to contribute the $700 we received to the Militant,” wrote Patti Iiyama and Jerry Freiwirth from the Oakland area. “The paper is, of course, completely indispensable to workers and farmers in struggle today, and will become even more so in the giant class battles to come.”

This boosts to $6,424 the total that Militant readers in California have sent in to the paper from what state officials dubbed a California Gas Tax Rebate.

A big thanks to all those who have contributed to the fund that goes to help the Militant offset inflation-driven increases in printing and shipping costs. With this note, we are concluding coverage in the paper of this fund. However, as the note from Patti and Jerry indicates, the state has slowly dribbled out these payments and it is possible that a few more readers will receive checks from the state. If so, you are encouraged to send them along.