New staff writer joins ‘Militant’

By Janet Post
January 16, 2023

Joining the full-time Militant writing staff is Vivian Sahner, a member of the Socialist Workers Party branch in Northern New Jersey. Sahner was the 2021 SWP candidate for lieutenant governor in New Jersey while part of the party’s national trade union fraction at Walmart.

Sahner joined the Young Socialist Alliance in 1972 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, then moved to Atlanta in 1973 with her three children and joined the party.

In the late 1970s Sahner worked at the Metuchen, New Jersey, Ford plant as a member of the United Auto Workers. She served previously on the Militant staff in 1980-81, reporting on the successful 15-year political and legal battle waged by the SWP and YSA against decades of FBI spying, harassment and disruption.

Sahner has also worked in the oil and steel industries, and for a number of years in garment. She volunteered in the SWP’s print shop in New York from 1994-2001. From 2006-2016 she served on the organizing committee of the party’s Print Project, which helps produce Pathfinder books.