‘Militant’ supporters urge subscribers to renew, get new book by SWP leaders

By Brian Williams
February 6, 2023
Fatemah Hejazifar, right, gets Militant subscription from Socialist Workers Party member Jacquie Henderson at Jan. 8 march and rally in Cincinnati in solidarity with protests in Iran.
MilitantFatemah Hejazifar, right, gets Militant subscription from Socialist Workers Party member Jacquie Henderson at Jan. 8 march and rally in Cincinnati in solidarity with protests in Iran.

Members and supporters of the Socialist Workers Party and Communist Leagues in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom are launching efforts to get out The Low Point of Labor Resistance Is Behind Us: The Socialist Workers Party Looks Forward as widely as possible.

The campaign to promote this book by party leaders Jack Barnes, Mary-Alice Waters and Steve Clark runs alongside winning Militant readers to renew their subscriptions.

In Lincoln, Nebraska, SWP member Joe Swanson is off to a good start. Even before the new book arrived, he reported sales of six prepaid copies along with three Militant renewals, with two more on the way.

“Three workers who bought the book were active in public rallies and in their union supporting the rail workers fight for a contract late last year,” writes Swanson. “One rail conductor bought two books, one for himself and the other to take to work to show his co-workers.”

“This paper is very good,” Louis St. Paul told Socialist Workers Party members Chuck Guerra and Rachele Fruit when they visited him at his home in Miami Jan. 21. “Here you see the competition for jobs between Blacks and Haitians, and they blame the immigrants if there aren’t enough jobs.”

“The rulers are always looking for ways to divide the working class,” Guerra said. “That’s why our demand for amnesty for all immigrants living and working in the U.S. is so important.”

St. Paul is a custodian in the Miami-Dade County schools and a member of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. “The capitalists are killing people,” he said. “They get you when you’re young and work you until you have to retire because you’re sick.”

Fruit showed him the French edition of The Turn to Industry: Forging a Proletarian Party. “This book is about our party,” Fruit said, and its work with fellow workers to build unions. “It points to the power the working class has to lead a revolutionary transformation of society against capitalist political rule.”

St. Paul got the book and three other titles in French by SWP leaders and renewed his subscription.

Some 200 people rallied at Times Square in New York Jan. 22 backing the nearly yearlong fight for Ukrainian sovereignty and against Moscow’s invasion. Among those addressing the crowd was SWP member Seth Galinsky. The week before, Galinsky said, a “so-called ‘peace’ demonstration took place in almost this same spot calling on Ukraine to negotiate. That movement is just a cover for backing Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Galinsky pointed out that “here today are working people from Russia, who support Ukraine’s fight for independence. Workers in the U.S., in Ukraine, in Russia have common interests in demanding Moscow’s troops out of Ukraine now.” Fifteen copies of the Militant were sold to people attending the action.

SWP members in Cincinnati joined a Jan. 8 march and rally of 50 people in solidarity with the protests in Iran. Fatemah Hejazifar got a Militant subscription and a book in Farsi, Pages from History: Women and Revolution by Mary-Alice Waters. Participants in the action reached out to Cincinnati Bengals fans passing by on the way to a football game. Some joined the protest.

The new book is available at the special price of $7 through May 31 and for $5 with a Militant subscription. To help expand the paper’s reach and to get out books on revolutionary working-class politics, contact the branches of the SWP and CLs listed here.