25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

July 17, 2023

July 13, 1998

BRONX, New York — The New York cop accused of choking Anthony Baez to death in 1994 was convicted in Federal court of violating Baez’s civil rights. Free on bond and facing up to 10 years in jail, Francis Livoti is to be sentenced September 24.

Livoti’s previous acquittal on charges of criminally negligent homicide in a state trial in 1996 had outraged working people in New York and triggered many demonstrations demanding justice.

Opening a meeting against police brutality June 29, Iris Baez, Anthony’s mother and a leader of the struggle against police brutality in the city, explained when she and her family were told that Anthony had died of asthma, “we knew the police were lying. We had to get out the truth and get justice,” she said. “I said when we began that victory would come. You have to keep struggling because what you are doing is right.”

July 13, 1973

News filtering out of the Soviet Union indicates that there has been a new outbreak of workers struggles in the south of the Ukraine, one of the most important industrial regions of the Soviet Union. In June 1972, 10,000 “rioters” took to the streets for two days in Dneprodzerzhinsk, a city of 270,000.

In Dnepropetrovsk, one of the largest industrial cities of the Soviet Union, strikes demanding a rise in the standard of living took place last September and were repressed at the cost of many dead and wounded. A month later riots broke out, demanding better provisioning, better living conditions and the right to choose a job instead of having it imposed.

These riots and strikes came at the same time that the Soviet bureaucracy was conducting mass arrests of Ukrainian oppositionists struggling against the Kremlin’s nationalities policy.

July 12, 1948

NEW YORK , July 6 — Cheering to the choice of Farrell Dobbs and Grace Carlson as first Trotskyist candidates for President and Vice President, the 13th National Convention of the Socialist Workers Party summoned the American people to join with the SWP in a forward march to a Workers and Farmers Government and socialism.

Climaxing this inspiring convention were three national radio broadcasts from the sessions. They included the keynote speech over ABC of James P. Cannon, SWP National Secretary and 40-year veteran of the American class struggle, and the acceptance speeches of Comrades Dobbs and Carlson over Mutual and ABC. Another address is being delivered by Dobbs tonight over the NBC network.

These addresses are the most powerful socialist appeals that have ever been made to the American working class, the working farmers and Negro people.