Help get out the ‘Militant,’ books on revolutionary struggle

September 11, 2023

Join us getting the Militant  out as widely as possible, an irreplaceable source of news on unfolding working-class struggles. Every week the paper gets out the truth about union battles like the strike by the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers in Memphis, Tennessee, and the contract showdown by United Auto Workers against the Big Three auto bosses. The Militant  gets out the facts — and explains the stakes — in these confrontations, to help build the solidarity needed so workers can win. 

The paper is needed to answer the innumerable attempts of the capitalist rulers and their middle-class media mouthpieces to cover up the true relations of class exploitation that underlie the intolerable conditions we face. The bosses’ press hides the responsibility of their class and its government for social disasters, like the one unfolding in Maui today, or for the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. 

The rulers try to hide the fact that the sharpening competition between Washington and profit-hungry rival capitalist powers is fueling the growing threat of war today. 

Above all, the 2024 candidates of the Democrats and Republicans try to convince us there is nothing workers can do to change these conditions except to hold their noses and vote for one of them. 

The Militant  says No! 

The paper points to examples that show workers’ capacities to stand up to assaults by the bosses. It advances demands workers and the unions can use to advance our class interests, sharpen our fighting spirit, trust in ourselves and inculcate implacable distrust of the bosses and their political parties. 

Alongside the Militant, books from Pathfinder Press help working people see the root cause of the problems we face under capitalist rule. They place our struggles in the sweep of history, helping us see that the rulers’ claim that “it’s always been this way” is a lie. That history under capitalism is the unfolding of our class’s struggle to take back from the exploiters the wealth only we produce, to use for all humanity. The books generalize powerful lessons from previous labor and revolutionary struggles that point a road forward today. 

Each week the Militant  reports on the campaigns of Socialist Workers Party candidates as they join union fights and address political questions from a class-struggle viewpoint. SWP campaigns explain why Cuba’s socialist revolution provides a powerful example of what working people are capable of. We have the capacity to assemble and lead millions of the exploited and oppressed to conquer political power and transform the world. 

Help win new readers to the paper! Read it and discuss it with co-workers and others. Dig into books on revolutionary working-class struggle!

A good place to start is to join SWP candidates introducing the Militant  at coming Labor Day actions.