25, 50, and 75 years ago

October 9, 2023

October 12, 1998

WORTHINGTON, Minnesota — More than 700 farmers and their supporters gathered here Sept. 19 to demand guaranteed prices for farm commodities and relief for farmers this year.

Farmers that spoke at the rally described the reality facing working farm families, and stressed the importance of immediate action. Linus Solberg, from Cylinder, Iowa, pointed out that the prices farmers are getting today are falling dramatically. “Wheat, corn, cotton, and soy beans are at a 20-year low.”

Tom Fiske, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Minnesota governor, addressed the rally. “I work for Eaton, we make hydraulic motors for farm tractors. We need committees of workers and farmers to monitor and publicize the prices charged by the agriculture monopolies.”

October 12, 1973

Long Island Rail Road will stop at almost nothing to keep women from working on their trains. That’s what Carol Wagner, a 29-year-old teacher, found out when she tried to get a job there. “I always wanted to work on the railroad,” she told the Militant. She also wants the job because it would pay far better than the job she holds now.

Last year she applied with LIRR to be a trainman, and they said that she was “too short,” they don’t hire anyone under 5 feet 7. Height has never been a requirement before. LIRR announced their new height rules the day after Carol had a hearing on her case.

Carol pointed out that many of the workers support her. “The men are up in arms about conditions on the railroad,” she said, adding workers have encouraged her.

October 11, 1948

Every capitalist ruling class — including the Wall Street barons — represents itself as the defender of “law and order” and “constitutional means” against working-class organizations, who allegedly “advocate force and violence” and “seek to alter the form of government by unconstitutional means.”

This propaganda is designed to conceal the fact that they resort to the most bloody and illegal means when their rule is challenged, as witness the recent history of Germany, Italy and Spain.

In France today, Gen. Charles De Gaulle is mobilizing armed storm troopers to seize power. De Gaulle stated Oct. 1: “Under democracy, power is obtained by an appeal to the people, but if law and order breaks down I reserve the right to take whatever action I regard as advisable.”