Thanks for ‘Militant’ coverage of Israel’s right to self-defense

November 13, 2023

Thank you for your courageous, truthful coverage of the Hamas attacks and Israel’s right to self-defense. I live in Sderot, in the shadow of Hamas-controlled Gaza. Every day for the last 20 years has been filled with anxiety and the very real possibility of being murdered by the Hamas fanatics. Then our worst nightmares came true three weeks ago.

You are correct to state, “Unlike Hamas — whose goal is to maximize civilian deaths, including of Palestinians, whose misery it uses to try and win sympathy for its Jew-hatred — Israeli forces try to minimize civilian casualties.” We have a liberal newspaper here, which is widely read (Ha’aretz), which disputes this and demonizes its own security forces.

A friend in the U.S. recently told me about your paper and I’m glad to become acquainted with it. It is hard to find a news source that is socialist, and that at the same time, stands up for Israel. Other “socialists” around the world have lent their support to anti-Israeli propaganda and untruths.



Sderot, Israel