Workers in Iran boo the regime, Hamas

By Seth Galinsky
December 4, 2023

Opposition to Hamas is more widespread in Muslim countries than is presented in the liberal bourgeois press. While actions backing Hamas have been held in Egypt, Morocco and elsewhere, an explosion of protests against Israel in Arab countries hasn’t materialized.

That’s also true in Iran. The day of the bloody assault, the regime’s Tasnim News Agency ran a despicable antisemitic cartoon celebrating the massacre of Jews. It showed missiles showering Israel, with caricatures of Jews trying to flee the carnage by jumping into the sea. Can anyone seriously doubt that the whole purpose of the Iran-Hamas operation is to kill Jews or drive them into the sea?

The counterrevolutionary regime in Iran has organized several rallies in support of Hamas, beginning Oct. 7. But these have had little participation from working people. Those attending were heavily from the ranks of Tehran’s repressive apparatus, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its Basij thugs.

Working people in Iran know that Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah are as anti-working class as the regime in Tehran, which they more and more despise. At soccer games fans have booed when regime supporters have raised the Palestinian flag or tried to impose a minute of silence “for Gaza.”