Join SWP campaigning in the working class!

By Janet Post
January 22, 2024

The Socialist Workers Party candidates and their supporters invite you to join in taking the party’s revolutionary program to working people on their doorsteps, on strike picket lines, and at social protest actions.

Since the Tehran-backed Hamas massacre of Jews in Israel Oct. 7, members of the SWP and Communist Leagues in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom have been using the Militant along with Pathfinder books by SWP leaders and other revolutionaries to explain why workers and our unions have a stake in fighting Jew-hatred wherever it rears its ugly head.

SWP members explain the importance of supporting Israel’s right to exist as a refuge for Jews, as well as discussing how organizing to make a socialist revolution in the U.S. is the only road to end anti-Jewish violence for all time.

Party candidates and supporters are also participating in activities supporting the courageous fight by the Ukrainian people to defeat Moscow’s invasion. The struggle against Jew-hatred and support for the sovereignty of Ukraine are both deeply in the interest of the working class and the unions.

Defending and extending constitutional freedoms from attack by the capitalist rulers is at the center of the class struggle. From the Democrats’ campaign to keep Donald Trump off the presidential ballot to anti-working-class laws like the Railway Labor Act that clamp down on unions’ right to strike, the Militant champions the political rights we won in struggle and the need today to defend ourselves against the attacks of the bosses and their government.

To help discuss these important political developments in the world, Militant readers can introduce the paper to co-workers, fellow union members, neighbors and others. If you’re on strike or involved in a struggle along with your co-workers, write up a report for the Militant to help spread the word.

The SWP is running its own candidates — the list of 2024 candidates to date is printed here, with more to be announced, including our candidates for president and vice president. To join in, contact the SWP or Communist League branch nearest you.