New York Museum of Modern Art protest shows ‘anti-Zionism’ is really Jew-hatred

By Seth Galinsky
February 26, 2024
New York Museum of Modern Art protest shows ‘anti-Zionism’ is really Jew-hatred
Alexa Wilkinson

NEW YORK — Hamas supporters organizing actions to disrupt the lives of working people worldwide use the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza — a result of Hamas’ strategy of using them as human shields and refusing to build shelters for them — to try to convince students, youth and others to back their call to impose a cease-fire on Israel, which would leave Hamas intact to murder Jews again. They claim they’re not antisemitic, just “against oppression” and “anti-Zionist.”

Their actions show otherwise. At a Feb. 10 occupation by the Palestine Youth Movement in New York City, some 800 people calling for a “cease-fire now” sat in at the Museum of Modern Art, above, forcing it to close down. They chanted, “Free Palestine, from the river to the sea,” a Hamas slogan calling for driving all Jews out of the region. They demanded five of the museum’s board members be fired for “cultural complicity to Zionism.” All five are Jewish or married to someone who is Jewish.