Striking ILWU dockworkers rally in Vancouver, British Columbia, July 9, drawing widespread solidarity. Support has come from UNITE HERE Local 40 members on strike at Sheridan Hotel at the airport, and from dockworkers’ unions in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

Canadian longshore workers fight for raise, job protection

Bosses look to Ottawa to ban Pacific Coast strike

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Some 2,000 International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada dock and warehouse workers and supporters rallied downtown here July 9 in a show of strength and solidarity for their strike. The strike by 7,400 union members has…

What is road to unify, strengthen working class?

Rally in solidarity with United Mine Workers strike at Warrior Met, 2021, in Alabama. Today’s “diversity” programs have nothing in common with fights like Kaiser case that broke down bosses’ racist discrimination, advanced unity among working people and strengthened unions.

In a 6-3 vote the U.S. Supreme Court overturned admissions programs at Harvard and the University of North Carolina June 29. The court ruled that both colleges used race to favor some applicants at the expense of others, violating the…

SWP meeting in California maps out bold 2024 campaign

Laura Garza, rail worker and SWP candidate for U.S. Senate from California, joins hotel workers in UNITE HERE Local 11 on strike picket line July 2 at InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES — “Laura Garza is not just a Socialist Workers Party candidate in California. This is a campaign for the working class in the United States,” Alyson Kennedy, SWP candidate for mayor of Fort Worth, Texas, last May, told…

NOW conference participants debate over perspectives

Workers in 2021 strike at Frito-Lay in Topeka, Kansas, pushed back against brutal schedules and unlivable wages that tear away at workers’ families, and their lives outside work. Participants at NOW conference debated how this fight is crucial to road to women’s emancipation.

ARLINGTON, Va. — Some 250 women and men gathered for the National Organization for Women’s annual conference here June 30-July 2. The theme was “We Won’t Stop: Organizing Until Equity for All.” The NOW leadership promoted a renewed effort to…

Working people in Ukraine show resolve to defend their sovereignty

Despite Moscow’s air superiority and greater troop numbers, the Ukrainian army and thousands of volunteer fighters continue to push back President Vladimir Putin’s attempts to conquer Ukraine. They’re backed by a civilian population growing more determined as the brutal consequences…


Unionists from Cuba, US, Latin America discuss way forward

Unionists from abroad met April 29 with union leaders and workers in Cotorro municipality in Havana at a warehouse for food distribution at subsidized prices. They discussed gains made by Cuban workers through their socialist revolution, impact of U.S. embargo.

HAVANA — Some 100 trade union representatives and members of labor and political groups from 11 countries in Latin America and the United States exchanged experiences here during an April 24-28 workshop hosted by the Central Organization of Cuban Workers…

Socialist Workers Party leadership sets course ahead

Adopts course to build union solidarity • defend constitutional freedoms • fight for wages, hours, job conditions that prevent families in working class from being torn apart • defend Cuba’s socialist revolution and its example in the U.S. and world over
International Educational Conference in Oberlin, Ohio, June 8-10, brought together over 330 people for reports, discussion on communist program, continuity and activities. Right, SWP literature table during conference.
OBERLIN, Ohio — “The sweeping indictment of Donald Trump under the Espionage Act by President Joseph…

Cuba and Chernobyl

This Cuban documentary produced in 2006 tells the story of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine and Cuba’s exemplary internationalist medical program that treated more than 25,000 victims.