Access to the Militant’s unique Ukraine coverage

March 28, 2022

The Militant’s coverage of Ukraine is unique. The paper defends the country’s right to self-determination, a political conquest of the Bolshevik-led Russian Revolution in Lenin’s time that remains decisive to forging working-class unity.

Acting on that communist continuity the paper responded to the courageous uprising by working people against the government of Victor Yanukovych in 2014. It sent three reporting teams to Ukraine over the next year to join and learn about the actions that overthrew the hated pro-Moscow regime and provide its readers with eyewitness coverage of the actions of working people to defend their independence and fight for working-class interests. Those articles helped explain how that victory opened space for working people to defend themselves and to begin building the kind of leadership they need today and in the class battles that lie ahead.

To aid readers today in learning more about that uprising, and what underlies the fighting capacity of Ukraine’s working people today, links to some of the articles are available at

Miners in Ukraine discuss fight for sovereignty, rights

Moscow troops grab Crimea, US sanctions target workers

‘Ukraine workers are beginning to see they are actors in history’

Miners in eastern Ukraine refute press in Russia, US

Moscow intervention spurs protests in Ukraine, Russia

‘A program born out of the values of the Cuban Revolution’

New Ukraine group seeks to renew Cuba’s Chernobyl aid