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June 12, 2023

‘A genuine revolution means leading the millions’

Class struggle in the US today, the Cuban Revolution and building a proletarian party
April 25 book presentation in Havana at headquarters of Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples. Inset, from left, Mary-Alice Waters; ICAP leader Noemí Rabaza, who chaired and spoke. In Cuba, Rabaza said, the government represents workers’ class interests not those of the capitalists. “What Noemí says is important,” Waters noted in discussion period. Cuba’s socialist revolution is a beacon worldwide and sets the example for working people in the U.S., too. “Alone we’ll be defeated. Fighting together, we can win,” Waters ended.

…days, they sold almost 90 subscriptions to our weekly newspaper, the Militant, and some 235 books. The best seller was the title we’re discussing here today in Havana. In short,…

September 4, 2023

Build support for grocery workers strike in Toronto

Unifor Local 414 members picket in Toronto Aug. 13. The grocery workers struck July 29 for better wages, benefits.

…Ontario Public Service Employees Union member Susan Berman described an Aug. 17 union solidarity delegation from her workplace that she joined. “Seven of us went. We chanted and got constant,…

September 25, 2023

Labor Day actions highlight union struggles worldwide

Thousands join Labor Day rallies, back union battles
Above, strikers from Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists march in New York City Labor Day Parade Sept. 9. Inset, UAW contingent at the Nashville, Tennessee, Labor Day march.

…boarding passengers, and an improved retirement plan. Members of the Service Employees International Union and the Communications Workers of America, who represent airport workers, joined the picket in solidarity. “I’m…

May 8, 2023

Nurses and teachers in U.K. set strike action over pay

…despite government claims it would fall, continues to eat at workers’ living standards. Some nurses, ambulance-service workers and other National Health Service (NHS) workers who are members of the Unison…