Protests against school closures in Puerto Rico

By Seth Galinsky
June 4, 2018
Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico

Students, parents and teachers protest May 3 against the closing of the Clemente Ramírez de Arellano school in Manatí, Puerto Rico. Many of the signs say, “Enough already.”

The closing, one of nearly 300 planned by the island’s colonial government, is part of deepening anti-working-class measures being carried out to free up funds to maximize payment to wealthy bondholders on the government’s $74 billion debt.

On May 22 Puerto Rico’s legislature approved slashing the government budget 22 percent. The Financial Oversight and Management Board imposed by the U.S. government — known in Puerto Rico as the junta— is demanding deeper cuts to social services, pensions and labor rights.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of workers and farmers still have no electricity or reliable drinking water or are living in storm-damaged homes, eight months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Protests against the school closings, cuts to the University of Puerto Rico, the slow pace of restoring electricity and other attacks on workers and their unions are frequent in towns large and small.

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Studer and Koppel will meet with unionists and with students at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan. They will visit some of the smaller towns outside San Juan that are still without electricity and talk with working people there who have been part of the recent protests.

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