Workers give ‘blood money’ to Socialist Workers Party

By Brian Williams
June 4, 2018

“Enclosed please find ‘blood money’ checks of $20 each for the Socialist Workers Party from several retail workers in Philadelphia,” writes Janet Post.

“The company ‘awarded’ the workers at a number of stores based on how many customers signed up for online delivery there. The bosses are trying to bribe workers to do more to help them deal blows against their competitors and increase profits,” Post says. “There should be more to come by the end of May.”

Some retail workers in Atlanta received similar bribes from their managers because “workers who shop in the store decided to download the company’s app,” writes Janice Lynn. She forwarded their “blood money” to help build the revolutionary movement.

In Oakland, California, Jeff Powers sent in $1,848.61, a bonus he had received from his former employer, Amtrak.

Communists use the term “blood money” to describe production, attendance, safety and other so-called bonuses the bosses “give” in an effort to bribe workers to hold back resisting speedup, low pay and unsafe working conditions. By giving this money to the party’s Capital Fund, class-conscious workers turn those bribes into their opposite — funds to build the working-class movement and strengthen the party’s long-term work.

If you would like to donate some “blood money” your boss tries to bribe you with, contact the Socialist Workers Party branch nearest you, listed in the directory.