Decay of US rulers ‘world order’ opens room to fight

September 24, 2018

The U.S. capitalist rulers’ liberal imperialist world order, imposed following their emergence as the victor from the second imperialist world slaughter, is decaying and coming apart at an accelerated pace today. And some of them recognize this.

The Donald Trump White House has ceased operating on the false premise, one that guided the last several Democratic and Republican administrations alike, that the U.S. rulers can dominate the world in the mistaken belief they won the Cold War. While Washington has great military superiority over all other world powers, it can no longer simply impose its will through bloody wars. This has been proven in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.

In Korea, President Trump is negotiating with the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, where the U.S. rulers had up to now refused to even sign a peace treaty from a war that ended 65 years ago. If working people keep the pressure on Washington, the door is open for ratcheting down tensions, steps to total denuclearization of the region, opening economic cooperation between the North and South, and reunification of the country, long a desire of Koreans on both sides of today’s massively fortified Demilitarized Zone.

Washington has begun talks with the Taliban, which controls wide swaths of Afghanistan despite the U.S. rulers’ 17-year-long war there.

NATO, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the European “Union,” the G-7 and more are decaying, less and less useful for the capitalist rulers.

And the actions of the Trump presidency are pushing this process forward. The rival capitalist ruling classes everywhere are scrambling for position.

“Trump may be one of those figures in history who appears from time to time to mark the end of an era and to force it to give up its old pretenses,” former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told the Financial Times.”

Ending the war in Afghanistan, signing a peace treaty with North Korea and similar moves in other parts of the world would be good for the working class everywhere, regardless of the intentions of the U.S. and other capitalist rulers. It opens needed political space for workers to discuss, debate and act in our own interests.

The current uptick in production and jobs around the world will not last. Capitalism is a system in decline. It offers nothing to humanity except more economic, social and moral crises. But it won’t fall of it’s own weight.

The Socialist Workers Party fights to build the labor movement, to discuss the road forward, to strengthen ties of solidarity with each other around the world, to build a party capable of leading the revolutionary mobilization of the working class and its allies to take power out of the hands of the capitalist class and open a new era for humanity.

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