November 12, 2018

70-hour workweek at UPS

The National Master Agreement between the Teamsters union and UPS was voted down in October by 54 percent to 46 percent. This contract covers over 200,000 workers. Nonetheless Teamster officials declared that the contract had, in fact, been ratified because the union’s constitution states that if less than 50 percent of the membership votes, unless at least two-thirds vote “no,” the contract is approved.

Two concessions angered drivers the most: the establishment of a two-tier wage system for all new hires in delivery positions who would top out at $4 to $5 less an hour then current drivers; and that UPS can now schedule drivers for a 70-hour workweek. One driver told me, “People died for the 40-hour workweek and now we have 70.”

Mark Severs, Teamster Local 638
Minneapolis, Minnesota