Readers contribute to winter appeal for ‘Militant’

By Terry Evans
February 4, 2019

Oil refinery worker Ben Fields in the Bay Area contributed $100 to the Militant  to help the socialist newsweekly meet expenses in the winter months.

Fields explained he got a Militant  subscription for his sister as a gift recently. After looking over the paper, she told him, “You don’t see this kind of coverage anywhere else.” Socialist Workers Party members in Oakland report additional contributions will be coming from the Bay Area. 

The Militant  is asking for contributions to its ongoing work amidst the deteriorating conditions of life millions of workers and farmers confront. The paper speaks in the interests of all  working people, as they face the consequences of the capitalist crisis.

The contributions will help meet expenses over the next  few months, until the paper launches its annual appeal.  These expenses include expanded reporting and costs related to establishing the Militant’s  new website, which makes the paper’s unparalleled coverage of working-class struggle over its more than 90-year history more easily accessible. 

It also promotes the specially featured campaign books that contain the program of the SWP. The weekly Books of the Month column makes the continuity of the working-class movement available to those seeking a way to advance working-class interests today.

The Militant  has been devoting resources to helping lead the ongoing fight against prison censorship in Florida and elsewhere. 

Jon Teitelbaum in Cary, North Carolina, contributed  $200. “When you read the Militant  you can see the opportunities that exist to build the revolutionary movement,” Teitelbaum told Susan Lamont, from Atlanta. He pointed to the paper’s coverage of the SWP’s election campaign across Texas where the party is running Alyson Kennedy for Dallas mayor, and its reporting on efforts to build the May Day International Volunteer Work Brigade to Cuba. 

You can donate at  or by mail to the Militant, 306 W. 37th Street, 13th floor, New York, NY 10018. The paper will report on further progress made in winning contributions from its readers.