‘Militant’ winter special appeal wins contributions

By Terry Evans
February 11, 2019

Readers of the Militant have promised $5,735 and sent in $1,960 — a solid step towards the paper’s winter financial appeal to raise $10,000. The money will provide a bridge until the Militant launches its annual Fighting Fund this spring. The appeal runs through Feb. 14.

“We planned to raise at least $750 from readers for the appeal,” reported Anthony Dutrow from Miami, “but pledges totaling $865 have been made, so we have to consider increasing how much we can raise now.” So far two readers have sent in $145.

At a recent Militant Labor Forum in Miami SWP member Amanda Ulman described features of the Militant’s new and improved website that make the paper’s 90-year record of reporting on working-class struggles more accessible to readers as part of an appeal.

“I really like the Militant’s weekly reports on discussions SWP members have on workers’ doorsteps,” said a longtime reader in Washington, D.C. “It’s an insight into what other workers face. Without the paper’s coverage on what’s happening in the Middle East, I wouldn’t understand what’s going on there.” He gave $75 to the appeal.

The paper speaks in the interest of the working class and provides readers with a working-class view that is unique.  Every week it carries articles on political developments at home and abroad, reporting on labor and social struggles from participants, the Socialist Workers Party 2019 election campaigns and the irreplaceable lessons from the history of the revolutionary working-class movement.

Because of this the Militant relies for financial backing from the only reliable source possible — its working-class readership. Your contributions  cover our costs, from printing to reporting trips, including the paper’s ability to keep its subscription costs within reach of all workers.

In contrast, editors of the major dailies are politically beholden to the capitalist rulers. As the political crisis of the ruling-class Democratic and Republican parties unfolds toward the 2020 elections, even the pretense of objective reporting standards these publications used to claim — like the New York Times’ claim to produce “all the news that’s fit to print” — has given way to greater factional prejudice

Two of the Militant’s readers in Miami said they’re going to make their donations online, one of the new features on our website. You can do this at www.themilitant.com, or mail your check made out to the Militant to 306 W. 37th Street, 13th floor, New York, NY 10018. Every contribution makes a difference!!