SWP to launch drive for books, ‘Militant,’ funds

By Terry Evans
April 8, 2019

The Socialist Workers Party is launching a seven-week campaign to broaden interest in the party’s program and activity among working people. It will be centered on expanding the readership of revolutionary books and the Militant, and will run from April 6 to May 28. 

Alongside this campaign, the annual Militant Fighting Fund will be organized to raise over $110,000 to finance the paper. Contributions will come from the only reliable source possible — the paper’s working-class readership. 

The campaign is aimed at extending the SWP’s year-round weekly efforts to reach workers and farmers on their doorsteps in small towns and rural areas that have been hard hit by the economic and moral crisis of capitalism. And to learn more about their conditions of life and work, the communities they live in and their struggles. In the course of these back-and-forth discussions party members discuss what working people can do to meet the bosses’ attacks, the consequences of the rulers’ wars, and why we need to organize independently of the capitalist two-party system. 

The party will also take this campaign to strike picket lines, social protests, farmers’ meetings and other working-class actions.

Joining branches of the SWP in this effort will be members of the Communist Leagues in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, readers behind bars and others who want to participate in the drive.

To encourage the widest possible interest in the party and its program, all titles published by Pathfinder — which contain the rich lessons from past revolutionary working-class struggles — will be offered at a 20 percent discount during the drive. In addition, half-price offers are being made on a number of titles by party leaders. 

Campaigns by SWP candidates for election in 2019 in states across the U.S., and by CL candidates in other countries, will strengthen the drive.

The Militant  will run a weekly column to cover the progress of the drive, including on the quotas adopted by party branches. Join us!