August 19, 2019

Trial is ‘no consolation’

As a former telecom worker in the U.K., I recognized many of the abuses suffered by France Telecom workers described in the article “Telecom Bosses on Trial for Driving Workers to Suicide.”

In the U.K. thousands of workers were driven to early retirement as the workforce was exposed to speedup, dislocation and intolerable pressure.

The bosses were able to get away with these practices because union leaderships organized no resistance to these attacks and often colluded with the bosses.

Prosecution of individual bosses in France who sanctioned such abuses is no consolation to the workers whose lives were destroyed. Often trials like this are endorsed by the union leaderships and act as a substitute for organizing a serious fight.
Bill Loxton
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Don’t give up the right!

The prison system uses every excuse they can to keep the Militant from prisoners. In 1970, I was a “guest” of the federal prison system where I first saw the Militant. The more I read the more I could understand the capitalist system.

Prison officials tried to keep the Militant from me and others, but I won the right to have the paper.

Here we are 50 years later and the system is still trying to stop the Militant. I read about the Florida prison system, and their fight to keep the paper from prisoners. All I can say is keep fighting the system, you do have the right to speak and read what you like. Don’t give up the right.
George Blue
Michigan City, Indiana