Anti-union outfit targets UAW as auto workers strike

By John Studer
September 30, 2019

As nearly 50,000 United Auto Workers union members battle GM bosses, government raids and attacks in the big-business press, they are also being targeted by an anti-labor outfit that calls itself the Socialist Equality Party and its so-called Autoworker Newsletter. The group, which has a long history of anti-union disruption, is urging autoworkers to “break free from the stranglehold of the UAW.”

They rely on charges by the U.S. rulers’ political police, the FBI, that union officials are dipping into the union till and are rife with corruption. The Socialist Equality Party says the union president has “been exposed as a criminal.”

The charges come from the same government cops who have been responsible for frame-ups and witch hunts against communists and union fighters for decades! The FBI raided union headquarters and held their guns on the former president of the union as they raided his home two weeks before the GM strike deadline.

If we do face corruption — and misleadership — the only road forward isn’t to split the union in the middle of a fight, it’s to organize workers and use our power and transform our unions into class-struggle fighting machines. Part of that fight is to keep the government, its cops and its courts out of our unions.