December 23, 2019

Cuba’s socialist revolution

Keep up the good work that you are doing, especially on Cuba to defend the socialist revolution.
A prisoner, Florida

Could not put ‘Militant’ down

Thank you for sending me the Militant. When I received my first issue, I could not put it down.

The article that touched me the most was on the Blackjewel miners. I am an Eastern Kentucky native. It reminded me of the struggles that many of my fellow Kentuckians, and Americans face every day.
A prisoner, California

Update on Brexit, Ireland

Thank you for providing me with the voice of the progressive left and update on issues like Brexit, Ireland, the U.K.
A prisoner, California

Understanding capitalism

The Militant has helped me understand how U.S. capitalism works.
A prisoner, Pennsylvania

Change ourselves!

People need to get out of prisons. They need help to stay out of prison.

Is it an issue of changing the conditions that are still a problem after 100 years? Is it to change who is in charge of these things? Change the way we deal with people and how we view our equals. Until we change ourselves we will never fix our problems.
A prisoner, Kansas

Love this newspaper

I really love this newspaper.
A prisoner, Pennsylvania