Socialist Workers Party Statement

Answer US slanders against Cuba!

February 24, 2020

The Socialist Workers Party campaign urges working people to speak out against the U.S. rulers’ slander attacks on Cuba’s internationalist medical missions and their over-60-year economic war against the Cuban people at home.

Washington claims Cuba’s medical volunteers in Africa, Latin America and Asia are grossly exploited and that the Cuban government seeks to interfere in other country’s affairs by “providing care in exchange for pledges of loyalty.”

It is beyond the comprehension of the U.S. capitalist rulers that doctors would volunteer to provide health care in the most isolated regions of the world because they are motivated by proletarian internationalism and solidarity, not by cash.

The capitalists despise the Cuban Revolution and have stepped up their economic warfare against the people there, imposing more and more biting sanctions and travel restrictions.

This has an impact in Cuba. More electrical blackouts. Less paper and printing supplies, meaning fewer books available at the Havana International Book Fair. More scarcity of basic goods. But U.S. imperialism has always underestimated Cuban working people. They’ve stood up to U.S. aggression for more than 60 years and they’re not about to give up now.

Working people and youth have the opportunity to learn the truth about the Cuban Revolution with their own eyes by joining this year’s May Day International Brigade to Cuba April 26 to May 10. And then return home better armed to answer the U.S. slander campaign and oppose the U.S. economic war on Cuba. Sign up today.