Celebrate life of veteran communist leader Alan Harris

By Jonathan Silberman
April 13, 2020
Militant/Betsey Stone

LONDON — Alan Harris, a decadeslong leader of the communist movement in the U.K. and internationally, died here March 26, just short of his 87th birthday. He contracted coronavirus while hospitalized after suffering a major stroke.

Harris served for many years on the United Secretariat of the Fourth International. He was a leader of the Communist League in the U.K. and a founding member and leader of its forerunner, the International Marxist Group. In the 1960s, while living in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he worked as a truck driver, Harris was part of the leadership of the League for Socialist Action.

Restrictions on travel and meetings in the U.K. and internationally mean it is not possible at this time to organize a meeting to celebrate Harris’ political life and contributions. The Communist League is preparing such an appreciation for a coming issue of the Militant.