Workers say ‘Yes!’ to giving ‘blood money’ to build SWP

By Brian Williams
April 20, 2020

During the last week in March, Walmart workers from five cities sent in a total of $1,774 to help build the Socialist Workers Party from MyShare bonuses — attempted bribes  — they received from the bosses.

“I’m writing a check to the party with pride for the ‘blood money’ I received in my paycheck,” wrote Walmart worker Maggie Trowe from Louisville, Kentucky. “We got a paltry 2% raise, 28 cents for me. We are told that a crew of two can do the work that requires three or four. We fight against unloading refrigerated trucks when there’s ice on the floor.” Trowe, along with four other Walmart workers from the Louisville area, sent in $345.14.

“I have discussed how the bonuses are ‘blood money’ with many co-workers,” Samir Hazboun said. “Most detest the fact that Walmart punishes them for attendance occurrences, accidents and such. More now want to discuss why I choose to give it to the SWP and admire that decision.”

Communists use the term “blood money” to describe production, attendance, safety and other so-called bonuses bosses offer, hoping to get workers to keep quiet about speedup, low pay and unsafe working conditions.

Walmart workers from the San Francisco Bay Area sent in checks totaling $282.49. “The company has announced an extra bonus of $300 for full-time and $150 for part-time workers to get us to overlook the speedup in the stores today as they rake in extra profits from increased sales,” Betsey Stone wrote. “We’re looking forward to sending these checks in soon.”

Other “blood money” checks the party received include $719.68 from Atlanta, $218.10 from Chicago and $210 from Seattle. These contributions turn attempted bribes by the bosses into helping build a fighting working-class party!