Donations to SWP ‘stimulus’ appeal keep rising

By Emma Johnson
July 6, 2020

A growing number of contributors to the SWP “stimulus” appeal keep the total going up. The appeal this week has reached $127,500, from 115 contributors!

Osborne Hart, a Walmart worker and SWP congressional candidate from Philadelphia, writes: “Finally, one of us got the ‘stimulus’ payment. Enclosed is a check for Ellen Berman. It came in the form of a debit card! They really want you to spend it right away! Mine will follow soon.”

The enthusiastic and generous response of contributors is resulting in a big expansion to the SWP’s long-term resources.

The contributions go toward a political and financial endowment dedicated to building a proletarian party as the crisis of capitalism and the class struggle unfolds. A party that will organize workers in their millions to end capitalist exploitation and rule, and join hands with toilers worldwide to build a new social order based on human solidarity.

If you’d like to donate from your government payout, send a check to the Socialist Workers Party at 306 W. 37th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018, earmarked “Special Fund.”