Weekly audio version of ‘Militant’ available online

By Leslie Craine
July 13, 2020

The Militant puts out a regular weekly audio edition of the paper, a special feature directed primarily toward readers who are sight-impaired or who have difficulty reading English. A complete audio version of each issue is available at www.themilitant.com. In addition to listening to the audio version online, individual articles or the entire audio issue can be downloaded to your mobile phone or other portable device.

The Militant provides a working-class perspective of what’s going on in the world today: the continuing decline of the capitalist system, the havoc it wreaks on working people, and the struggles of our class to resist the depredations of the bosses and their government.

It features the activities of the Socialist Workers Party and its 2020 election campaign ticket of Alyson Kennedy for U.S. president and Malcolm Jarrett for vice president. The campaign poses the perspective of building a mass movement of workers and farmers powerful and confident enough to wrest control from the capitalist class and build a new society based on human solidarity.

The articles from each week’s Militant are recorded by volunteers trained in the discipline of clear and understandable reading, strengthened by their understanding and commitment to the politics presented, and to the importance of making the paper available as widely as possible.

Listeners who, for whatever reason, have difficulty reading will find that the audio version is helpful for understanding the articles, whether listening in conjunction with reading the paper or hearing the audio version alone. And other readers may find it useful to listen to the Militant while driving or taking public transportation.

If you have co-workers, friends or neighbors who are interested in the issues covered in the Militant but have difficulty with reading, we encourage you to introduce them to the Militant’s audio edition.