On the Picket Line

DSI Tunneling strikers in Louisville win support

By Jacquie Henderson
October 5, 2020

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — “We’re here to support our union brothers fighting for their first contract,” UPS worker Adam Hedges said as he joined them picketing outside DSI Tunneling Sept. 18.

When the 13 DSI workers won union recognition last November, added fellow UPS worker Wendy Hersey, “these guys became part of our union, Teamsters Local 89, now we want to help them win their contract.” Several brought “pizza and solidarity” and stayed to picket for the rest of the day.

The strike began Aug. 4 after months of company stalling over contract negotiations. DSI, which manufactures steel beams and girders for tunneling and mining, employs over 2,000 workers at its operations in 70 countries.

“I have worked for DSI for 25 years,” Ted Franzman told the Militant, “with no raise in seven years. We had to go on strike. Now the company is trying to make it even tougher for us,” by cutting off strikers’ health insurance.

“We are getting support,” he added, “from union locals, bus drivers, casino workers, Walmart workers, retired workers. It’s a big help.”

Members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 369 in Louisville and Teamsters Local 20 in Toledo, Ohio, brought gift cards for the strikers.

Help the strike at DSI Tunneling. Send contributions and messages of solidarity to Teamsters Local 89, 3813 Taylor Blvd., Louisville, KY 40215.