Minneapolis protest: ‘Defend the Cuban Revolution!’

By Kevin Dwire
February 8, 2021
Minneapolis protest: ‘Defend the Cuban Revolution!’
Franklin Curbelo

MINNEAPOLIS — More than two dozen people joined a picket here Jan. 17 in defense of the Cuban Revolution, an emergency response to the U.S. government’s decision a few days earlier to once again place Cuba on its “state sponsors of terrorism” sanctions list. The protest was called by the Minnesota Cuba Committee and Women Against Military Madness.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cited Cuba’s support for the Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro and its refusal to extradite people granted political asylum, like former Black Panther Assata Shakur, as justification.

“Placing Cuba on the list is yet another attack against the 62-year-old victorious revolution of the workers and peasants,” Socialist Workers Party leader Helen Meyers said at the event.