Number of contributors to ‘Militant’ appeal grows!

By John Studer
February 15, 2021

“I am responding to your call for donations. I’ve been a long-term subscriber, with my subscription being paid for by donors. So, I am going to purchase a year’s subscription, plus donate $25,” one of the Militant’s subscribers behind bars in Pennsylvania wrote in response to the paper’s call for readers to contribute as much as they can from government “stimulus” payouts.

That brings donations so far to $63,112 from 138 readers!

The Pennsylvania prisoner also got a copy of Are They Rich Because They’re Smart? Class, Privilege, and Learning Under Capitalism, by Socialist Workers Party National Secretary Jack Barnes.

This special fund helps make it possible for the Militant to cover breaking developments in the class struggle, to report on new political developments in the U.S. and worldwide from the point of view of the working class, and to run longer articles on the programmatic and leadership continuity and rich history over 175 years of revolutionary working-class struggle.

It features weekly coverage of the 2021 Socialist Workers Party candidates, who explain workers need to build a class-struggle union movement and our own political party, a labor party, on the road to the working class taking political power into our own hands.

Please give as generously as you can. Send your contribution to the Militant, 306 W. 37th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018, or online at